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"Bob" Nygaard started his law enforcement career as a police officer in New York City after graduating from the New York City Police Academy. His first assignment was in District 3 in Harlem as a member of the New York City Transit Police. It was there, in the subways of one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York City, at the height of the "crack epidemic", where he really learned how to become a cop. He subsequently left the New York City Transit Police Department to accept a much-coveted job as a police officer in the Nassau County Police Department, in Nassau County, N.Y., where he attended and graduated from the Nassau County Police Academy.

Throughout his career, Bob was prolific at solving crimes and making arrests. He could often "sense" when a crime was going to occur and was always in the right place at the right time to apprehend the perpetrator(s). Whether he was conducting a car stop, questioning a suspicious person, or at a crime scene, he had an uncanny ability for noticing and paying attention to seemingly small details that others didn't notice, and for understanding how those details were connected to, and part of, a much bigger picture. He had an amazing knack for remembering names and faces and for locating wanted persons after being shown their pictures just once. People who witnessed his work often said he had a "sixth sense" or a "God given gift". Of course, such observations are subjective, but what can be stated with certainty is that his exploits were legendary and his investigative abilities unique. He was widely known in many law enforcement circles for his ability to crack tough cases with his hard work, keen insight, and unique vision. As a result, in addition to assisting members of various specialized units within the N.C.P.D. Detective Division, members of outside agencies often requested his assistance. Whether it was the Commanding Officer of the Homicide Squad requesting his assistance to help solve a murder case, a Special Agent of the FBI requesting his assistance to help "connect the dots" in a human smuggling investigation, or a Parole Officer asking him to help "track down" a wanted subject, his unique investigative abilities were always in great demand.

Bob retired from the Nassau County Police Department after a long and storied career which spanned 21 ½ years, during which time he developed a diverse base of expertise in numerous investigative fields. He is now utilizing that expertise in the private sector as a licensed private investigator in Florida and New York. He founded Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., to provide individuals and corporations, with quality investigative services. Unclaimed Money 101 Inc.'s investigators "leave no stone unturned" when it comes to searching for and providing its clients with the information, answers, and solutions, they are seeking.


Robert E. Nygaard / Chief Investigator

• He attended college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where he earned a bachelor's degree in business

• He attended and graduated from the New York City Police Academy.

• He was a police officer in the New York City Transit Police Department

As a member of the N.Y.C.T.P.D:

  • his formative years as a police officer were spent fighting "the war on crack" (cocaine)
  • he was assigned to District 3 in Harlem
  • he worked in uniform and in plainclothes undercover assignments
  • he was involved in Operation Pressure Point as well as other initiatives aimed at stemming the tide of violence caused by the sale and use of illegal drugs
  • he was a member of the Tactical Patrol Force, patrolling subway trains from 10pm to 4am, in an effort to reduce violent subway crime late at night

• He was a Police officer in the Nassau County, N.Y., Police Department.

As a member of the N.C.P.D.

  • he was assigned to important security details such as the presidential security detail at the funeral of former C.I.A director William J. Casey (which was attended, by then President Ronald W. Reagan and former President Richard M. Nixon)
  • he had permanent assignments in the First, and Third Precincts
  • he was temporarily assigned to various units within the Detective Division, such as the Homicide Squad and the Narcotics Bureau
  • he worked on 09/11/01 in response to the World Trade Center attacks
  • he conducted thousands of investigations
  • he was prolific at making arrests for a wide variety of crimes including but not limited to:
- murder
- burglary
- drug sales
- forgery
- escape
- gambling
- grand larceny
- sex abuse
- rape
- assault
- drug possession
- fraud
- bail jumping
- violation of probation
- violation of parole
- stalking
- robbery
- weapons possession
- D.W.I.
- identity theft
- theft of services
- criminal possession of stolen property
- endangering the welfare of a child
- fraudulent accosting

A few of his more noteworthy cases on the local level included:

• The "Mistaken Identity Slaying" case in New Cassel, N.Y. in which he arrested an individual who was wanted in the shooting and murder of a young man who was mistakenly believed to be a drug informant.

• A "Gypsy Burglar" case in which he arrested a group of "Travelers" who were burglarizing an elderly woman while posing as home improvement contactors. These perpetrators were subsequently found to have been involved in numerous burglaries of elderly citizens nationwide.

• A "Nigerian I.D. Theft" case in which he arrested a man who was the mastermind of an organized crime ring that stole people's identities , applied for credit cards in their names, and then used the fraudulent credit cards to perpetrate "bust out schemes" in the U.S. and abroad.

• In addition to conducting investigations and making arrests on the local and state level, he initiated major investigations on the federal level involving:

- terrorism
- gun sales
- counterfeiting
- human smuggling
- illegal immigration
- credit card fraud
- prostitution
- document fraud
- international money laundering

He assisted the following federal agencies with the above listed investigations

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Department of Defense
  • United States Attorney's Office (Eastern District)
  • Immigrations, Customs, and Enforcement
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Secret Service
  • U.S. Postal Inspections Service

He was the recipient of numerous awards including

  • 9 Meritorious Police Duty Awards
  • 8 Excellent Police Duty Awards
  • 1 Congressional Award
  • Sharpshooter Firearms Award
  • Meritorious Duty for W.T.C. Award

NYGAARD Investigations

In addition to Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., which is headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., he is the founder and president of Nygaard Investigations, Inc. , a full service private investigative agency headquartered in New York City (

He is currently a member of the F.A.L.I. (Florida Association of Licensed Investigators) and the N.A.B.I. (National Association of Bunco Investigators).