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Asset Recovery / Unclaimed Property Recovery Questions

General Questions in Regards to other investigative Services

1. Is Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., a legitimate company?

Unclaimed Money 101, Inc. is a licensed and insured private investigative agency. Our agency license number is A2700197. You can verify this information by checking the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, Division of Licensing, website. This is the agency in charge of licensing private investigative agencies in the State of Florida. The link to verify our license is In addition, we are a duly registered "locator" and we are authorized, by law, to identify, locate, and assist individuals and corporations with the recovery of unclaimed assets. Under current law only Attorney's, CPA's, and Private Investigators who have been duly registered and licensed can legally provide these services for a fee.

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2. How did you locate me?

Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., obtains personal information including your name, address, social security number, etc. through public records and records directly associated with your funds.

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3. How did you obtain my personal information?

As a full service licensed private investigative agency, we also have access to various proprietary databases that are not available to the public. This allows us to obtain and review reports that contain personal information. We follow a strict privacy policy to ensure that your personal information is secure.

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4. How did my property become unclaimed?

Payments are often "lost" due to outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete mailing addresses. Name changes because of marriage, remarriage, or divorce are also common causes of lost payments. Very often, holders of Unclaimed Property are not motivated to locate owners. The "due diligence" requirements for notifying owners are often lax. Holders benefit from keeping your property, they earn interest off your money.

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5. How do I begin recovering my property?

To begin the recovery process, you must sign and return the recovery agreement (limited power of attorney form) that Unclaimed Money 101, Inc. has sent you. This provides us with the permission and authority to assist you in the recovery of your funds.

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6. Why must I provide documentation containing personal information?

The agencies that are holding your property require that you submit various forms of documentation, containing personal information, in addition to the claim form. This is STANDARD PRACTICE and the documentation is necessary. It ensures that you are in fact the true owner or heir and that you are entitled to recover the funds. Types of identification and documentation commonly requested to verify ownership ("prove entitlement") often include

Copies of:

  • Drivers' licenses
  • Marriage certificates
  • Social Security Cards
  • Passports
  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Utility bills

Social Security Number

This is the number one identifier that is used to prove entitlement. There continues to be quite a bit of controversy regarding the use of Social Security numbers as identification. Unfortunately, most holders require this proof of ID because, IT IS UNIQUE TO THE OWNER, and it is needed to distinguish between people who have identical names. In the case of businesses, the FEIN number is used.

Although at first glance, it might seem intrusive for holders to require this personal information, it is for your own protection that they do so. Requiring proper documentation, that contains personally identifiable information, is necessary to prevent mistakes (releasing property to the wrong person) as well as fraud.

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7. Why must I sign a recovery agreement (limited power of attorney form) and what does it authorize Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., to do?

The recovery agreement/LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY is a necessary part of the recovery process. It is a standardized form that we are required by law to provide. It protects you (the claimant) and us (the claimant's representative). It describes fully the terms of our agreement and the specific fee. It is "LIMITED" in scope, in that it applies to this "ONE TRANSACTION ONLY". By signing it, you DO NOT confer or imply any other legal rights to us, other than giving us the right to assist you with the filing of the claim for the specific unclaimed property account(s) listed in the agreement. WE CANNOT ASSIST YOU WITHOUT THIS SIGNED AGREEMENT.

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8. Is there any risk associated with letting Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., assist me?

There is absolutely NO RISK involved. WE ONLY GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID. If for some reason you are unable to recover your property, YOU OWE US NOTHING. We only earn and collect our fee when we are successful on behalf of our clients. There are never any out-of-pocket expenses on your part. Our fee is based solely upon a percentage of the recovered property and our fee will be deducted from the proceeds of your recovered property. The percentage we receive and the amount you will recover are clearly stated in the recovery agreement/Limited Power of Attorney form.

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9 .What types of property become unclaimed?

  • Savings accounts
  • Insurance benefits/policies
  • Bonds
  • Un-cashed checks
  • Rental security deposits
  • Checking accounts
  • CD's, trust funds, stocks
  • Dividends
  • Estate proceeds
  • Un-redeemed gift certificates
  • Safety deposit box contents
  • Mutual funds
  • Mortgage insurance refunds
  • Telephone/Utility deposits
  • Wages, escrow accounts, etc.
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10. Is there a time limit for recovering my property?

Whether or not there is a time limit depends upon where your funds originated. Even if there is no time limit it is better to act promptly because you are losing interest when you are not in control of your money. Why let the agencies that are holding it derive the benefit from it? The sooner you reclaim what is rightfully yours, the better.

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11. How long will it take until I receive my property?

It generally takes between 60-90 days once a completed claim has been received. It can take longer, depending upon the complexity of the claim.

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12. The name on the unclaimed property account is my parent who is deceased, am I entitled to recover the property?

If you are the legal heir of the unclaimed property then you are entitled to recover it.

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13. Why should I pay Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., to assist me?

There are many things in life that we can do ourselves for free. For example, we can file our own tax returns, change the oil in our own car, or even defend ourselves in court if we really want to. Sometimes however, we pay others to perform a service for us. Reasons for this are; they possess knowledge that we do not have; they have more experience than we do; or it is simply more convenient (they save us time and effort). In this instance, just because you can file a claim on your own behalf does not mean you should. While you have many concerns and obligations in your daily life, OUR BUSINESS is asset recovery. Instead of spending your valuable time and money on calls and letter writing in an effort to track down your property, instead of trying to find the correct contact people, instead of trying to become familiar with the filing requirements, and instead of learning how to prepare and submit the proper documents, Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., offers a simpler more efficient solution. At Unclaimed Money 101, Inc., our investigators use their knowledge and experience to help you recover your funds sooner. Finally yet importantly, would you have even known you were owed money unless we notified you? It took time, effort, and money for us to locate you and inform you about your unclaimed funds. We would genuinely appreciate your business for our efforts.

Some additional reasons that we feel you should utilize our services are as follows:

  • We have personal contacts within many of the agencies that will be processing your claim
  • We are experts at knowing what forms need to be submitted in order to file a successful claim
  • We can advise you on how and where to obtain various types of documents that might be required to "prove entitlement".
  • We can advise you and assist you in completing various forms, so that they will be completed accurately, and your claim will be processed as expeditiously as possible.
  • We have the capability to check on the progress of your claim once it has been filed.
  • We will help you file your claim SAFELY and SECURELY. We are comprised of licensed private investigators with law enforcement backgrounds and as such we understand the sensitivity of the personal information you must provide in order to file a claim.
  • There is absolutely NO RISK involved. WE ONLY GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID.
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General Questions in Regards to other investigative Services

14. My problem is very personal in nature, are your services confidential?

We understand that when you seek the services of a private investigative agency it is usually because you need more information/intelligence to support an important decision in your life. Any information you provide is strictly confidential.

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15. What are your fees?

Pricing structures are customized. Each client is unique as are his or her investigative needs. Private Investigative fees are customarily charged on an hourly rate, plus expenses. We do charge a flat fee for some investigative services such as background checks. In order to initiate most investigations, a retainer and a signed professional service agreement are required. We will advise you if additional personnel are needed to complete an assignment. We hold the retainer funds while the investigation is ongoing. All unused retainer balances will be credited or refunded when you receive the final invoice. There are no charges for initial consultations. Once we have received a retainer, an administrative charge may be billed if you cancel. Fees are broken down as Investigative Time, Travel Time, Administrative Time, Mileage, and Expenses. Some examples of expenses are travel, lodging, rental vehicle, photographic processing, commercial database, and public record retrieval fees.

* Investigative services are subject to tax and the applicable taxes will be charged according to law. We accept credit cards (Visa, and MasterCard) and Money Orders. We also accept checks; however, the investigation will not be initiated until the check clears our account.

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* IMPORTANT NOTE: Unclaimed Property Recovery Services - There are NO UP FRONT COSTS OR FEES and NO RETAINER is required as with other investigative services. We receive a percentage of the property that we help you recover. We only get paid when you are paid, and there are no additional costs.